SJCA is a nonprofit, membership organization supporting artists, cultural organizations, other, and creatives in New Jersey's eight southern counties. Our programs connect cultural community members and act as a mechanism for exchanging ideas, providing mutual support, and learning from the experience of others. SJCA’s members are among our greatest assets.

As our name implies, we are an alliance, and our strength comes from tapping into the diverse and vibrant cultural assets that make up our South Jersey. Now more than ever, it is important to accurately represent the entire South Jersey cultural community and be more inclusive of artists of color, folk artists, culture bearers, and other underrepresented creative communities.

The South Jersey Cultural Asset Mapping Project, (SJ CAMP) will allow us to better represent the full spectrum of arts, culture, and history in our region. Developing this comprehensive interactive story map and directory of South Jersey artists, organizations, and creative groups provide opportunities for connection, communication, and collaboration. It is through this connection that we can work together to create a stronger, more inclusive South Jersey cultural community.

We are working hard to include all of South Jersey's cultural voices. Let your voice be heard by supporting SJCA with your donation today!

SJCA is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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