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South Jersey Creatives at the Table featuring the Pride Alliance of Pitman

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The May 2021 South Jersey Creatives at the Table session features the Pride Alliance of Pitman, who will present, "A Journey to PRIDE: Building Community and Finding Allies in Uncertain Times."

A panel of speakers from the Pride Alliance of Pitman, including Kara Knauss, Josh Hitchner, Justin David Burns, and Dani Cooke will talk about how PRIDE in Pitman came to be, as well as the importance of equity, adaptability, and resilience when planning community events. 

The Pride In Pitman Community Event is a great example of how collaborating with local creatives, businesses, and residents fosters stronger, more inclusive communitiesBring your questions!


Pride Alliance of Pitman is a group of local residents, business owners, and community leaders who are a part of and allies to the LGBTQIA+ community.

PRIDE in Pitman starts mid-June with the hanging of Pride flags along Broadway, an Art Walk installation in partnership with Pitman’s business community, and the colorful illumination of Ballard Park which sits off Broadway, the mainstreet and heart of our town.

On Thursday, June 17th we will host a Pop-up Park, sponsored by the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce, to gather our community together to play games, decorate bikes, and for face-painting.

Our main event on Saturday June 26th includes a presentation of the history of PRIDE,  LGBTQIA+ and ally craft vendors, affirming and supportive resource tables, face painting, food trucks, community picnic and celebration space, and a movie at dusk.


If you would like to join in on this growing community, find us on Facebook or reach out to us at Pride08071@gmail.com

Important Dates

  • June 1st- distribution of free Progress Pride flags
  • June 15th-16th-  PRIDE art installation in our Uptown Business district
  • June 17th- PRIDE Alliance of Pitman Pop-up Park at 6 p.m.
  • June 26th- PRIDE in Pitman event at 30 N. Broadway in Pitman, LGBTQIA+ and ally vendors, food trucks, family-friendly crafts and games, guest speakers, community organizations and resources, and a movie in the evening.

On behalf of the whole Pride Alliance of Pitman we hope you will join us as we celebrate the current movement of PRIDE while honoring its important history.


Dani Cooke - Dani is a community organizer in Pitman, New Jersey. They volunteer with the PRIDE Alliance of Pitman, working alongside a team of LGBTQIA+ and ally friends, to build a more inclusive and safe home for all people in Pitman.

Dani is the chairperson of Creative Pitman, Organizer of the Pitman Grove Community Garden, and Creative Director of The Lighthouse Community Center. They are also an artist, parent, and devout adventurer.

Kara Knauss - Kara Knauss joined the Pitman Pride Alliance because she wants to help build a more welcoming community for all LGBTQIA+ humans, but especially the Youth. She is geeking out over the opportunity to help plan the Pitman's first Pride event.

She is the Secretary of the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce and one of the founding members of the Pitman Writers' Guild. She has a degree in Food Marketing from Saint Joseph's University.

Kara is an author who loves going on walks around Pitman, usually with a coffee in hand and a friend by her side. When it comes to event planning, she is secretly really in it for the Food.


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Learn more and see past South Jersey Creatives at the Table session recordings at sjca.net/sjcat .

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